Aluminium sheet for roof

Aluminium sheet for roof A3003 and A3004 series are widely used in the construction field. Manganese is the main alloying element in the 3000 series. These alloys are generally not heat-treated and strengthened. The aluminum alloy used for roofing and wall panels in the construction field is mainly based on the 3000 series aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy. It needs to be deformed many times, so the 3000 series material with better processing performance becomes the first choice.

aluminium sheet for roof

The roof panel base material is usually made of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy of international brand AA3003 and 3004, and the alloy state is H36/H46. The yield strength is ≥190 MPa, the tensile strength is 240~285 MPa, and the elongation is ≥3%. The base material of the aluminium roofing sheet is made of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy of international brand AA3004, the alloy state is H34/H44, the yield strength is 170MPa, the tensile strength is 220~265 MPa, and the elongation is ≥3%. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate base material (AA3004) main component content: Si≤0.3%; Fe≤0.7%; Cu≤0.25%; Zn <0.25%; Mn is 1.0%~1.5%; Mg is 0.8%~1.3%; The rest is Al.

The commonly used coatings of aluminium sheet for roof are: primary color hammer grain, polyester (PE) baking varnish coating, fluorocarbon (PVDF) spray baking varnish coating. The advantages of PVDF coating are good wear resistance, excellent electrical properties; excellent UV resistance; good weathering resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance.

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