Aluminum closure sheet as Cap material

Aluminum closure sheet also known as aluminum bottle cap material, we can see it everywhere in our daily life, such as medicinal oral liquid cap, white wine lid, beverage lid, milk powder cover, tea lid, aluminum closure sheet has advantages of can be mechanized, large-scale, pollution-free, recyclable and others, has a wide range of applications. Cap material aluminum closure sheet is divided into casting type and hot rolling type, according to the state to meet the needs of different industries.

aluminum closure sheet
8011 aluminum closure sheet is an important type in hot rolled aluminum cap material. The thickness range is 0.15-0.27mm, the thickness tolerance is ±0.005mm, the width is 330 to 1000mm, the width tolerance is ±1mm, the tensile strength is 150 ~ 165Mpa, the elongation> 2%, the plate surface is fine, there is no line, oil spots, folders gray, scratches, bright strips and other defects on the surface. The performance advantages of aluminum closure sheet are: 1, the surface is clean, with uniform color, no piebald, flat, no pinhole.
2, with excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capability, mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear-resistant performance.
3, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic.

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